House Of Manna

The House of Manna is a free food garage in the Reba/Monroe Alley, behind 726 Monroe.
We’re open Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:00 am, unless otherwise posted.


Because of its affluence, America tends to be a very wasteful society. So much is thrown away, purchased new, and then thrown away again. We at Reba Place Fellowship have come to create new economies by making use of what others around us throw away. Most of our necessities can be found in alley dumpsters, thrift stores, or borrowed and shared with one another. It gets a little more
difficult to make use of thrown-away food.

However, we try our best! Currently, we in the wider Reba community have arranged with other area churches to gather leftover or past-date food from several grocery stories, bakeries, and coffee shops. This food is good to eat, but not so good to sell. It is amazing the difference in perspective between those who are hungry and those who want to make money!

We are excited to be able to share food with anyone who wants or needs it, both in our community and in the surrounding neighborhood.