Common Work

Reba Properties

Reba Properties was formed in 2010 from our two management businesses called Reba Apartments and Reunion Property Management. Both businesses were born from Reba Place Fellowship’s desire to provide common work and community engagement.

Plain and Simple Furniture

In 2004 Reba Place Fellowship decided to use its connection with Mennonite and Amish friends in Northern Indiana to provide a retail outlet for Amish furniture. Reba’s vision included providing quality products at good prices, paying producers fairly for their work, and combining what is simple and functional with what is elegant and beautiful.

Reba Services Office

The Reba Services Office provides business office administration and bookkeeping and accounting services to RPF as well as other affiliated non-profits.

Workday / Moves

Like many monastic communities, common work is an important part of our life together at Reba. Members have collectively worked to maintain our buildings and property over the years while also showing love and support by assisting other community members in moving from one residence to another.