The Harvest

The Harvest is open on Saturday mornings from 9:45 to 11:30


Currently online orders can be placed here: 

The Harvest is located at the Reba Place Church Ministries Center at the corner of Custer Avenue and South Boulevard.

Food is one of the things that defines our human experience. Without it, we cannot survive. It shapes our cultural identities and practices – our celebrations, rituals, social gatherings, and community bonds. As Christians, we do not eat the same as the world does. And we should not purchase groceries the same way.

We have found that it is far healthier and more life-giving to purchase groceries in the company of friends and neighbors than in large commercial spaces filled with strangers. The Harvest is our opportunity to share our grocery-purchasing experience in common, as well as to access natural, healthy, and organic foods in a cost-effective way.

“So much is shared at The Harvest – prayer requests, updates on friends, new recipes, exciting news, progressing plans, and lots of laughs and hugs. I have been the food coordinator of a household of young people, which meant lots of grocery shopping. Typically I had to face the perils of ‘Big Organic’ in order to buy in bulk and support the values my household. This means being assaulted with all sorts of psychological manipulation and bourgeois ‘lifestyle’ displays just to get my bag of brown basmati rice. At The Harvest, no one tries to sell me anything. In fact, it’s not uncommon for Peggy Belser to only take half as much parmesan cheese as she needs, knowing that another Harvest regular needs some too (and just hasn’t gotten there yet). Who does that at the grocery store? This kind of love and care blows my mind.” (thoughts from one RPF novice member)

The Harvest depends completely on volunteers who offer their time on Saturday mornings or during the week. Most kitchen basics are available through this co-op, such as rice, pasta, beans, nuts, dried fruit, honey, oil, coffee, tea, granola, and more.