The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is a small, inter-generational household. Some of us are professionals, some of us are figuring out what we wanna be when we grow up, and one of us is an enthusiastic pup who thinks she owns the place. We share a meal once a week, and care of our home, in a regular rhythm of life together. We enjoy spending time together, and we do it regularly–both planned and spontaneous.

We are called the Greenhouse because our house is literally green (we know, we know…). More importantly, we are called the Greenhouse because we value personal growth and we strive to provide stability for one another through every transition and new stage of life. Perhaps most importantly, we are a household of folks who desire discipleship in the way of Jesus. Our life together offers opportunities for this, and we relate formally to Reba Place Church, Living Water Community Church, and Reba Place Fellowship.